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Showers are one of the many exciting and fun parts of being a bride-to-be. You're sure to be asked by groups of friends or relatives if they can throw you a shower. Unless the hostesses know you well, they may ask you what kind of shower you'd like. This is a great opportunity to offer ideas on what kinds of things you and your new husband will need or like most. At that point, the hostesses can plan what kind of gathering you're most comfortable with: an open house, a formal party, maybe a couple's shower, or an informal gathering of friends.

With the myriad of bridal shower options for today's bride, there are still some good rules of etiquette and courtesy to follow that will help not only your hosts, but also your guests. As a gracious bride, here are some guidelines for bridal shower etiquette that will make everyone involved happier!

DO inform your hostesses of your gift preferences

DON'T demand only monetary gifts

DO provide your registry information for publication in the shower invitations

DON'T mention registry information in your wedding invitations (ever!)

DO graciously accept offers of multiple showers

DON'T invite everyone to every single shower

DO let your hostess(es) know how much you appreciate their generosity and thoughtfulness by giving them a gift

DON'T forget to give a thank you speech or a toast to the hostess(es) at the shower

DO include friends and family members on your shower guests lists

DON'T invite anyone to a shower who isn't also invited to your wedding

DO send thank you notes for shower gifts within two weeks of the shower

DON'T mention in the thank you note if the gift was a duplicate and you intend to return it

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Also, check out my cute bridal shower invitations and napkins for shower ideas!

This is an exciting, happy time for all brides and by following these guidelines, it will be that much more joyful and fun!