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Brides and grooms are finding unique ways to get guests to participate in creating wedding memories. By asking guests to write not just their signatures, but words of good wishes, the new couple will have wonderful memories that they'll treasure.

Here are some of our ideas for capturing guests' well wishes creatively.

Wedding Wishes Cards and Book

Ask guests to write their wishes on personalized cards and place them in a vase at the reception. The cards can them be arranged in a silver book for safekeeping after the wedding.

Signature Mat and Frame

Surround a wedding photo in memories by asking guests to sign an elegant white photo mat. It will be a meaningful display in the couple's new home after the wedding.

Photo Signature Board

Here's an elegant photo display and a great memory maker! Add photos to the frames in this large board and ask guests to sign the board with the included pen. The board is available from Michaels in six colors for a stunning presentation.